God Knows!

God is so, so good! He has always spoken to me through music, and the words in music, and this morning, after praying and asking for prayers God would reveal His work and leading in my life, He sent me the song “Reason” by Unspoken. The words, but even more so, the images in this video were confirmation He sees me, my desire to fly, and my failed attempts. He is my loving Father, picking me up when I fail, and loving me through it all. He protects me when I am on the verge of going too far outside of His will for my life. When I am ready to give up, he takes my defeat and my hope out of the trash bin and helps me to fly again. Not only this, but He joins me in flight, and others are inspired to fly by my example and trust in my Heavenly Father.

Here’s a link to the video:

If this weren’t enough, He confirms His word to me through my daily devotional for September 12th in “My Utmost for His Highest” Oswald Chambers. The title “Going Through Spiritual Confusion”, which speaks directly to what I am experiencing in this season of my life. Here’s a small excerpt:

“There are times in your spiritual life when there is confusion, and the way out of it is not simply to say that you should not be confused. It is not a matter of right and wrong, but a matter of God taking you through a way that you temporarily do not understand. And it is only by going through the spiritual confusion that you will come to the understanding of what God wants for you.”

Then on my way to work today as I was contemplating all the amazing ways God shows up and answers my prayer, letting me know I am not forgotten, nor are His plans for my life void. His promises are all true and are in force right now, right here. I look up and the Holy Spirit draws my attention to the truck in front of me.

I first notice the license plate, which is GODKNWS – yes, God knows! I am not forgotten! Then the Holy Spirit brings my attention to the upper left tailgate of the truck. It is the “Son” winking in reassurance, with the words below stating “Crystal Clear”. God says it should now be crystal clear how much He loves me, is with me, and is for me. His plans have not changed, and He is always on time.
How can I have any doubt that God is for me? He has a perfect plan for my life, and I am exactly where I am supposed to be, even if I feel confused and battered.

I know this is an answer to prayers I, my friends, and faith community have and are praying for me. Now I can’t wait to take the amazing ride into the sky with my Papa!

Author: elizamakaira

Passionate about pursuing God, sharing my stories and the amazing insights He shares with me.

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