Longing is a beautiful thing…

Longing lives inside of me…it isn’t something I can turn off, I am only able to distract it with activity or food, salty, sweet, then salty again. When everything is settled and quiet, the emptiness inside grows, gnawing away until I sink into the deep bottomless hole of missing the one thing I want so badly….connection. A voice, whispering my name, a gentle touch, knowing I matter to someone. Longing is half poison, half hope.

Author: elizamakaira

Passionate about pursuing God, sharing my stories and the amazing insights He shares with me.

3 thoughts on “Longing is a beautiful thing…”

    1. Thank you Soniadogra! I love the premise of your blog, what you wrote…I too love words and crafting them in such a way that they express my heart. I can’t find a way to follow your blog, but know I will come back to read your posts!


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