Learning to Dance

As I begin this next adventure, learning to dance with my new friend Joy, I recognize this as a divine appointment You have scheduled, answering my prayer for help to follow You more closely; to teach me to be a better follower.

Learning to ballroom dance with a partner involves many different aspects.  The dance consists of many parts then doing them together without having to think.  Haha, not an easy task!
First, I learn the steps.  The East Coast swing, consists of quick steps, starting with the right foot; triple step, then left foot, tripple step, and a rock back on the right foot.  Practicing the steps over, and over, and over again until it becomes second nature to my body; until I no longer need to think about the steps.
I liken this to learning the word of God.  Steps, or the word of God, need to become second nature to my thought process, popping into my mind supporting wherever God is a leading.

Next is learning to follow.  This is something I struggle with, and why I prayed for God’s help.  In my mind, I rush ahead, responding to whatever is happening around me.  I am driven by stimuli, the things I see, hear, and experience. Rushing ahead, anticipating what will happen next, trying to avoid surprises.  I don’t like not knowing.  I don’t like not being in control.  To follow, I must submit my will to another, a lesson of submission and obedience. I must be open and vulnerable.  I know I will only experience the joy of dance when I let go of control, submit and follow.

There are many different dances, each appropriate for different types of music. There is the waltz, the two step, the swing, in all its various forms, salsa, rumba, tango, and within each dance are many variations in different parts of the country and the world.

This is like the places and people God calls us to serve.  There are right actions, movements, and interactions, specific to each new person, culture, and situation.  Learning to dance and follow God’s leading is a beautiful engaging experience, a beautiful dance.  Through this journey, I listen, feel his leading, follow without hesitation.

As I learn to dance, all I can manage is learning and repeating the basic steps over and over.  Practice, practice, practice, taking every opportunity to dance with a partner.  I remain open and vulnerable, willing to look foolish, make mistakes.  I have found dancers to be kind, helpful, always willing to share what they know.  They offer tips, suggestions, and gentle instruction.

“Take smaller steps”, “keep squared up with your leader”, “as a beginner, don’t miss any steps, just keep repeating the basics”.

Each dance lesson adds new moves, fancier tecniques, challenging me to apply what I know and push the limits.  By the end of each hour, my brain-body connection is shot.  I am no longer able to dance the simplest moves.

I am so grateful God has me on this journey and love how He continues to answer my prayers in the most amazing ways.  I will continue to share what I learn about following, and hope I can soon report I have experienced the joy of submitting and am gracefully gliding across the dance floor, gracefully following my Lord to our next divine appointment. ~♡


Author: elizamakaira

Passionate about pursuing God, sharing my stories and the amazing insights He shares with me.

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