Submission? Not for me!

Well, this was once how I felt.  God continues working with me on the issue of obedience and submission, and has for many years.
I have a very rebellious nature and have had to face this in my walk with the Lord.  God’s word equates rebellion to witchcraft, which was quite an eye opener for me.  (I Samuel 15:23 nkjv).
Through this realization, the Lord walks with me, teaching about submission and obedience. He is helping me understand true freedom is found when I am in right relationship with Him.  Right relationship is where I willingly yield to Him and obey without questioning.  In this posture, I acknowledge Him as sovereign over my life.  I seek Him, and only Him as my source of love, self-worth, and approval.
I know many women struggle with the concept of submission and obedience, and we all prickle a bit reading Ephesians 5:22, instructing women to submit to and obey their husbands.  They see this posture and position as weak and powerless.  Yet are we  missing the truth?  True power and freedom come from God.  As we turn our lives over to Him, follow His plan and seek wisdom from His word, He will give us the desires of our hearts.  The thing is, most of us do not even know the desires of our own hearts.  We get caught up in pride, the political issues and social mores of the day, and we let these guide us.  However, God sees past our facade and blustering words.  He knows exactly what our hearts long for; an intimacy that touches both body and soul.
God has been using the image of a wild, untamed horse to show me the condition of my heart.  Over the years He has used this image again and again to lead and guide me in a process of healing my heart.  He is my personal horse whisper…the one who in peace and gentleness whispers to my heart until all I desire is to chase after Him.  In this chasing, I am completely free and unrestrained, yet no longer wild.~♡

Author: elizamakaira

Passionate about pursuing God, sharing my stories and the amazing insights He shares with me.

5 thoughts on “Submission? Not for me!”

  1. Oh man. When God told me that I had to submit to my husband, I was like…Lord you must be talking to every woman except for me. LOL. But then when I learned more about why he wanted us to submit and the rewards that come from it, I slowly but surely began to submit to God. My refusal to submit to my husband was actually me refusing to submit to God himself. You are right in that it is a process. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and allowing God to use you. This was another eye-opener I needed.

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    1. Thank you for your comment! I also wrote Oh what joy and rapture! as a picture God gave to me about submission and obedience and how free it is when we first submit to and obey Him. I am divorced, and the Lord has been working with me, maybe preparing me for a second chance at a healthy, God-centered marriage. Thank you for sharing your experience as a married woman! ~♡

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      1. My pleasure. If it helps, this is my second marriage. I’ve definitely taking what I’ve learned the first time and applying to this time.

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  2. Thank you for this writing. Years ago God sowed me a similar vision. One of a thoroughbred running with wild mustangs. The thoroughbred was me. I thought I was just left to my own devices to survive. I had to be wooed into the barn and then broken and then trained. Submitting wholeheartedly to God has been the most amazing journey of my life. Beautifully broken. Yes, I believe He is indeed preparing you Eliza, for who He is preparing for you. ❤️❤️ I left an abusive marriage after several years. I ran wildly back to my Savior and sold out to the Lord. I wanted to be whole no matter what. I left my first love (Jesus) and married a man that after we said I do, never went to church with me again. After the divorce I was single and sold out totally to Jesus for 12 years. I fell madly in love with our Lord and followed His plan. I am now married to a strong godly Christian man. The single years were the most precious, pressing, gut wrenching years I have known. I wouldn’t trade them for anything. When we have The Shepherd, He keeps predators away. Blessings as you become.❤️❤️


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