To blog or not to blog?

Before starting this blog, blogging was not something I thought much about.  I know I want to tell and write stories.  I journal as a way of staying sane and emptying my mind of the nonstop dialogue in my head.  I journal as a way of praying and talking to God.  Does blogging replace or even make sense for these purposes?

I started my blog on a whim when I began to correspond with a new friend via email and felt I was overwhelming him with thoughts and ideas I wanted to share.  I gave him my website and told him I would start posting all but our personal correspondence here, and he was free to read at his leisure with no obligation or pressure to respond.

I think what I find lacking in blogging is the interaction and conversation I experience and crave when I correspond or engage in other formats.  I know many successful bloggers have readers and followers who comment and engage with them, but I have not experienced that here.  In fact, I have found bloggers can quickly scroll through blogs on the WordPress reader and indiscriminately “like” blogs without ever reading the article.  This feels empty and not at all what I intended to engage in.

Now that I am more than halfway through my year subscription, I am doubtful I will continue to maintain this site.  If anyone reads this, I am interested to read your thoughts and experiences with your own blogs.




Author: elizamakaira

Passionate about pursuing God, sharing my stories and the amazing insights He shares with me.

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