Falling in Love

Eliza Makaira

I saw two lovers in the park, sitting by a pond.
He leaned in to kiss her, and when she saw my approach, she pulled away and blushed, embarrassed to be discovered with her love.
I smiled, as I saw myself in her.

God is taking me through a journey showing me so much about love, human expression of love, and His love for me.  I have thought a lot about the parallels of the intimacy between a man and a woman, and the intimacy we are to have with God.

The Bible shows us in the Song of Solomon a very intimate picture of two lovers. Here as we read the sensual experience between the Shulamite and her beloved, we see a yearning desire to be together and experience each other in the most intimate ways. One might ask how such a sensual book becomes a part of the…

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Author: elizamakaira

Passionate about pursuing God, sharing my stories and the amazing insights He shares with me.

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